Diacalm 15


MAIN INGREDIENTS :each 100gm spowder Contains

Nimbatwak:Azadirachta indica -12 Gms
POWDER Madhunashini:Gymnemia sylvestre-11Gms
Saptarangi:Salacia chinensis-10 Gms
Jamboobeeja:Syzygium cumini-10 Gms
Haritaki:Terminalia chebula-8Gms
Vibhitaki:Terminalia bellirica-8 Gms
Amalaki:Emblica officinalis-8 Gms
Bilva:Aegle mermelos-6 Gms
Daruharidra:Berberis aristata-6 Gms
Devadaru:Cedrus deodara-6 Gms
Haridra:Curcuma longa-5 Gms
Gokshura:Tribulus terrestris-3 Gms
Asana-Pterocarpus marsupium-3 Gms
Musta:Cyperus rotundous 3Gms
Kalamegha-Andrographis paniculata-1 Gms

INDICATION: It stimulates pancreas to produce insulin, bring down and normalize blood sugar, it helps in proper digestion,it can be given along with other oral anti diabetic drugs.

DOSAGE:1/2 to 2 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day with warm water.

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Mode of action:

DIACALM 15 Contains antidiabetic drugs Such as Madhunashini, Saptarangi,Jambu beeja,Asana .
Triphala ( Haritaki,Vibhitaki,Amalaki),Haridra,Nimba twak improves immune system and cures Skin infections.
Gokshura improves renal functions and prevents nephropathy and UTI
Musta helps in proper digestion.
Diacalm 15 Stimulates pancreas to produce insulin. It brings down and normalise blood sugar.


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