Shishu Poshan


Shishuposhan is prepared from clean , best quality rice,germinated ,dried &fried whole wheat, ragi,pulses selected herbs which are having digestive and carminative nature. Shishuposhan is rich in carbohydrate, protein, fibres, minerals, iron, calcium, vitamins. It is essential for growth & development of infants & children , meets all nutritional needs of children and helpful to improve physical and mental health, boosts up immunity.

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Product information
Main ingredients
Each 100 Gms contains Fried rice 25 Gms
Germinated & fried whole wheat 25 Gms
Germinated & fried Ragi 25 Gms
Germinated & fried  greengram 12 Gms
Germinated & fried chana 6 Gms
Germinated & fried groundnut 3 Gms
Shunti (ginger) 750 Mgs
Maricha ( black pepper) 750 Mgs
Pippali (long pepper) 500 Mgs
Ela (cardamom) 500 Mgs
Jatiphala 500 Mgs
Musta & Brahmi leaf.  Each 500 Mgs
Nutrition value Each 100 contains, Energy 133.66
                                     Protein 7.5gms
                                    Carbohydrates 17.76 gms
                                    Fat 3.62 gms
Method of preparation Take 2 to 3 spoon of Shishuposhan desolve in water and add to
200 ml of Boiling water ,boil it for 2 to 3 minutes, add jaggery or
sugar, Milk far taste
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Weight 0.500 kg


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