Acino Syrup


Ingredients : Each 10 Ml Syrup Contains:
Sariva: Hemidesmus indicus-250 mgs
Musta:Cyperus rotundus-250 mgs
Yastimadhu:Glycyrrhiza glabra-250 mgs
Shathavari:Asparagus racemosus-250 mgs
Harithaki:Terminalia chebula-250 mgs
Vibhithaki:Terminalia bellirica-250 mgs
Drakshya:Vistis venifera-250 mgs
Lavanga:Syzygium aromaticum-125 mgs
Shunti:Zingeber officinale-125 mgs
Amla syrup:Emblica officinalis-5 ML
Sugar base Syrup- Q.S

Hyper acidity, heart burn, useful in loss of appetite, restlessness,
abdomen pain,Acid belching,hiccups.
Sariva- Improves digestion,Pitta hara
Musta-Deepana (Carminative),Pachana ( Digestive), Aruchi hara( Relieves anorexia)
Haritaki – Deepana (Carminative),Pachana ( Digestive),Anulomana (Regulates Bovel movemet,relieves constipation)
Shunti-Helps in proper digestion and assimilation,Shoola hara (relieves abdominal colic)
Draksha- Daha ,Thrishna hara(Relieves thirst,burning sensation) ,Udavarta hara ( Relieves Belching)
Amla -Enhances food absorbtion , nutrition,Balances stomach acid ,Alkanine in nature,helps in Gastritis.

10ml (2 teaspoonful) 2 to 3 times a day with 10ml of water before food or
when symptoms starts.

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