Ayurashmi Herbs Building

Ashokavana Herbal Garden

Hosamane Clinic

AYURASHMI HERBS is a medicine manufacturing Firm formed by Dr.Muralidhar K.S in the year 2000.

Dr. Muralidhar is a practicing Ayurvedic Doctor, hailing from the pristine Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India. Connected to the true philosophies of providing healthcare service to rural India while also preserving the natural and traditional knowledge of ancient medical sciences, he's been a great example of being a people's doctor at Hosmane Clinic for over 2 decades and creating a nourishing place for preserving native medicinal plants of the region. Complementing his practice through a small production unit for quality Ayurvedic products - keeping sustainability at its heart - with the name 'Ayurashmi Herbs'. With decades of experience that has gone into developing these ayurvedic, herbal and natural products, it has been assured that everything you see at Ayurashmi is prepared with genuine care and love. The best part is - all the ingredients - from roots to leaves, ghee to fruits - are grown and made here in Ashokavana, and they are processed here at Ayurashmi's hygienic center - which echoes the true philosophy.

Throughout his journey, he's effectively cured diseases like Diabetes, Kidney stones, Chronic Asthma, Chronic Cough, Recurrent Fever in the Kids, Arthritis, Migraine, Impotency, Low back pain, and Skin Diseases amongst others. Now as the heart and mind behind Ayur-Bhuvi - that strives to bring together the aspects of the Biodiversity of native medicinal plants, nurturing and sharing the traditional knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine that goes back thousands of years, he has integrated farming practices along with the production of medicinal products.



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