Kanakasava (also spelled as Kanakasavam) is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It mainly contains Purified Datura, which acts as bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory. It gives relief from an acute attack of asthma and increases the airflow to the lungs by dilating and relaxing the bronchial passageways.

It is useful in Chronic bronchitis, asthma, cough and also useful as expectorant


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Kanakasava Uses & Benefits

Kanakasava mainly acts on respiratory system (lungs and airways). It dilates the bronchial passageways and increases the airflow to the lungs. It also clears the lungs by its expectorant actions. It has analgesic action, which is more useful in the management of biliary colic and renal colic.

Bronchitis & Asthma

Kanakasava reduces inflammation of the bronchi and clears the lungs. The sedative action helps to calm the persistent cough attack. The expectorant action helps to clear the lungs. The bronchodilatory action dilates the airways and helps to improve the airflow, which aids in easy breathing.

Biliary Colic & Renal Colic

The analgesic action Kanakasava helps to manage the acute attacks of biliary colic and renal colic.

In an acute attack, it should be given in small quantity (2.5 to 5 ml), but the dosage should be repeated 3 to 6 times at the interval of 15 minutes. Mostly, the patient gets relief from the pain with this medicine alone. In Biliary Colic, some patients may also require Sutshekhar Ras (250 mg) along with it. In renal colic, it should be used along with Hajrul Yahood Bhasma for good results. If the patient has a burning sensation during urination, then Chandanasava should also be used along with it to reduce burning sensation and to prevent the side effects of Kanakasava due to its hot potency.

Persistent Hiccup
Kanakasava gives relief from persistent hiccup that lasts more than 24 hours.

Kanakasava Dosage
The classical dosage of Kanakasava is as follows.
Children (above the age of 5 years) 1 to 2.5 ml
Adults 6 to 15 ml
Maximum Possible Dosage 60 ml Per Day (in divided doses)
Doses: Twice a day with equal amount of water
Best Time to Take: After Food
Note: In severe cases of breathing troubles or colic, its dosage can be increased up to 30 ml twice daily or small dosage (15 ml) can be given for 4 times, but the total dosage should not exceed 60 ml per day.

Safety Profile
Kanakasava contains Datura Metal, so it should be used under the supervision of an ayurvedic physician. The unsupervised use can be unsafe. In excess, it can also cause some severe side effects.

Side Effects of Kanakasava
Some people can experience the following side effects with Kanakasava:

If these symptoms appear, Kanakasava should be immediately stopped and seek immediate medical attention.

Kanakasava should not be taken in following cases:

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Tachycardia – Fast Heart Rate
Elevated intraocular pressure
Patients with pacemaker
It should also not be used in children under age of 5 years.

Main Ingredients
Dattura, vasa moola, Yashti, Pippali, Kantakari, Bharangi
Talispatra, Nagakesara, Shunti, Dhataki, Draksha
sugar/ Jaggery, Honey

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